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Serving the North Country since 1948

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Why Choose WHA

Creating a positive future

We invest in our residents and support their path to self-sufficiency. By providing them with a wide variety of resources, we help them build the resiliency needed to achieve success.

Serving our communities with care

We create an inclusive community to provide our residents with economic, educational, and social growth opportunities. 

Empowering our residents

Our residents are our highest priority. We provide them with our time, energy, expertise, and passion so that they may achieve a better quality of life.

A young adult man and woman give piggyback rides to a young girl and a young boy.

 I have lived in Skyline Apartments for 20 years. I enjoy the friendships I've made with the other residents here. Each week, I participate in the activities and events the Housing Authority holds in the Community Room. I love the convenience of the store in my building too—it saves us from having to go out on snowy, winter days. The WHA Maintenance Staff is responsive and has created a welcoming culture."

Brenda P. Tenant of Skyline Apartments 

The Watertown Community

Today, the Watertown community reshapes how we offer housing solutions, deliver supportive resources, and continually improve our communities and resident’s lives. We take the lessons from our past with us into the future so that we can be trusted to provide the best home we can for all of our residents.

Everyone deserves a place to call home

Here in the North Country, we want to help guide people on a path to self-sufficiency. Get started by
beginning the preliminary application process for public housing below.

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